Houseboating 101 ~ an introduction to adventure on the lake

Welcome to the fun and adventure of houseboating. If you're new to boating, Houseboating 101 should provide a solid introduction to the safe operation of a houseboat, some good tips on planning your first houseboat trip, and tricks to make the job of getting on and off the lake easy and fun.

Modern houseboats are designed to be fuel efficient, have minimal impact on the environment, and offer comforts only dreamed about a few years ago. Most Forever Houseboats are designed and built in our company-owned factory - each one tailored to the waterways on which they serve.

Houseboating is a unique vacation choice. Devotees enjoy it as comfortable camping on the beach. Houseboat rentals provide the unique opportunity to travel with a large group with surprisingly less hassle and even the cost of typical vacations. When you compare the cost and planning time required to make travel arrangements and meal planning for a group of 10, 12 or more - houseboating is not only more relaxed and unusual, it can cost substantially less than say a group trip to Disneyland or an oceanside destination.

Learn from houseboat and marina veterans from an ever-expanding library of boating topics and tips. Read up on the basics of houseboat operation, as well as vacation planning tips and tricks to make you next lake adventure safe, fun and easy.

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